Netactica is the leading software developer for the Latin American Travel & Tourism industry

Increase the scale and productivity

of your B2C or B2B travel business through the addition of a new sales channel: a modern and friendly transactional web site that your clients can access 24x7

Internet Booking Engines Online shopping and reservations

Add booking engines to your site that bring content from multiple sources, mixing it with your own content. Sell air tickets, hotel nights and packages. Set up agency & booking fees. Markups & web discounts. Results presented in a clear manner with sorting and filtering options to find what you are looking for.

Automatic Checkout Provide online and offline payment options

Offer your clients multiple payment options to complete transactions online or make a reservation and pay offline. Online payment via credit card, PayPal or line of credit. Split payments between merchant and airline commercial no. Take credit cards securely, encrypted, viewable for offline payment.

Multi channel One store multiple points of sale

Set up different branded sites consuming your products. Ability to differentiate pricing & availability for each channel. Define line of business & sales channel for each point of sale. Great for agencies that require B2C & B2B web sites. All sales centralized into single repository for clear view broken down by channel.

Negotiated Content Comprehensive faring & inventory database

Load negotiated contracts & inventory for flights, hotels, packages and extras. Mixed by our engines with published & private fares from provider systems to find best deal for your client. Automatically validated based on a large number of restrictions defined by you and your provider.

Flexible Shopping Search, summarize, filter, find!

Quick search and advanced search criteria. Result summaries shown in matrix form. Sorting and criteria filtering. Offer your clients flexible dates search for flights in order to show a matrix of prices for each date combination, allowing them to find the best date to travel. See hotel locations on a map. Find packages by destination and filter for given categories.

Content Marketplace Unleash your content

Automatically become a part of Netactica's growing network of agencies around the Latin America region. Allowing you to either distribute your product through a direct connection to a wide range of agencies, operators and wholesalers hosted by Netactica or get access to special content provided by other agencies in Netactica's marketplace.

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