Netactica is the leading software developer for the Latin American Travel & Tourism industry

Increase the efficiency of your agency processes

through workflows, quality control and increased visibility via customizable reports

An ERP for agencies Define your own business model

An ERP designed specifically for the travel industry. Contains all the ncessary functionality required to run your business (invoicing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash flow, lines of credit, workflow and quality control) as well as specific travel features such as BSP conciliation and voucher generation.

Data Visualization Make visual sense of your data

For any report that you can make in NetOffice you can choose from numerous chart types to plot your data, select your data source, fields to use and how to cut the data. Then you can make sense of what your data is trying to tell you.

Personlized Reports All your information the way you want it

The reporting module contains numerous prebuilt reports as well as a customized reporting feature to build your own reports, add specific fields, ordering and grouping options.

Accounting Module Register everything that happens in your agency

The system offers an integrated accounting module and also handles the possibility to integrate into a non-Netactica accounting system for companies that already have an accountinf system.

Totally Customizable Your flows, your nomenclature, your agency

Using the workflow management module you can customize the workflow of your agency processes (for example: dont allow invoicing of cancelled services or dont pay a provider invoice if the service has not been invoiced to the customer). Handles prepurchasing from providers, lines of credit and client budgets in the case of corporate travel.

Totally Integratable All your information where you want it

Can be integrated into other mid-backoffice systems, front office systems and B2C/B2B web sites via NetOffice web services.

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