Specializing in Travel Technology and Latin America


Software development & solutions specifically built for the travel industry. Ecommerce, provide integration, localization, distribution, b2c & b2b, backoffice & acccounting. Used regionally by some of the biggest names in the industry.

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This business is focused on providing hotels in LatAm with a modern comprehensive PMS that seamlessly integrates into online booking channels. Its mission is to provide mid range hotels with the tools to open up inventory which also ties into the distribution business of Netactica Solutions.

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From dealing with our biggest backoffice customers we understand there is an even better way to save & scale operations for travel companies in LatAm: Business Process Outsourcing. This new service is based on the knowledge, experience & technology built over the last 10 years of providing solutions across the region.

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We provide knowledge, technology & value to empower, accelerate & scale new travel related ventures. Piggy back on our network of agencies, technology provided by Netactica Solutions & over 10 years of industry insight.

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